I’m a big fan of etiquette. As a nanny, I feel it is my proper duty to not only bestow my learned gifts of courtesy upon my little people, but also to teach them consideration. It does not so much matter to me what etiquette they demonstrate, as long as they attempt to show some.

The story of Jairus’ daughter and the story of the woman with the issue of blood are usually told as two individual incidents, but when I read them together, in context, I am appalled and disturbed. Jairus’ daughter is dying, and he begs Jesus to come to his house and heal her. Jesus must have understood his position, because He knew first hand the care His Father had for Him, and He also knew the purpose to which He was upon the earth. Surely His heart was touched as He resonated with this man who had only one begotten daughter.

Also, surely He was touched by the humility of this ruler. He came and bowed at Jesus’ feet. Literally fell on his face. This was not something you saw much in the line of rulers. They mostly preferred others to do the bowing.

I think Jesus was touched, because He began to go. Without a word, but with purpose.

“But as He went, the people thronged Him.” 

The next line says, “But Jesus let nothing deter Him from His mission.”

Right? Nope. He stopped.

For a woman who had been dealing with an issue of blood her whole life. Yes, the suffering. I don’t doubt the suffering. But, for crying out loud, Jerry’s daughter is dying. This lady can live with this issue for another half hour.

This is how far my human perspective goes.

Not to mention, she cut line. In the words of my cousin-niece Kinsey, “That ith tho rude!!” Not fair. Not nice. And, she didn’t even ask permission. She just took a proverbial cookie from the cookie jar, without even asking. I will give grace to those who ask, but to those who take cookies without asking, they receive none. You play by the rules if you want to win.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Remember that, Jesus?

This disturbing story turns fascinating. Jesus stopped. Let me assure you, He wasn’t distracted. He could have ignored her and went on, pretending as if He never felt her touch Him. He also could have chosen not to heal her. I have often chalked it up to teaching Jerry patience. (After all, maybe he had prayed for it.)

Who was this lady? Not a lady in fine linen. Not even a poor lady. It doesn’t mention her status, but I doubt she was of ruler status like Jerry. Not a young or old lady. Just one in-firmed for 12 years. She could have been 24 or 60.

She was the woman “which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any…”

The phrase stings my eyes with tears. That was how Jesus saw her. He looked beyond her ailment and her age and her status and her cutting line. He saw straight to her heart. And He saw that she had been everywhere. Except to Him. He could have told her that she should have come to Him first. But He didn’t. And you know what? He doesn’t tell me that, either. When I try everything but prayer first. When I go to doctors before I ask Him for healing. When I try my own idea instead of consulting Him. When I begin my day without talking to Him. He never says, “Too bad.” “Tough luck.” “I told you so.” He always welcomes me back. The Savior we have is indescribable. His grace and patience is overwhelming. He didn’t make her acknowledge His sovereignty. He didn’t make her ask for forgiveness. He granted healing. Immediately. Before she said a word.

Who am I? The woman who spent all her living… on things that didn’t satisfy. To this day, I am still the woman who often finds herself in left field, groping money and food, jewelry and name brand clothing, status symbols and even religious traditions, hoping to find my worth. This woman had spend everything she had trying to find answers, but nothing could heal her of her soul’s deepest need.


Whether this woman believed that Jesus was the Messiah before then is unknown. But I guarantee you that her rendezvous with the Savior that day left her with no doubt afterwards.

You see, even after salvation we are easily distracted, swayed, and tempted by what the world says is important. But no matter how far we’ve gone, all we have to do is touch the hem of His garment, and we can be healed anew.

No matter how untouchable you think you are, reach out to Jesus. He’ll take notice of you and heal you.


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