Once Upon a Small House

Once upon a time, back in the last century, a man built a house for his family. He built it so that the sun would rise in the kitchen and set on the bedrooms. Every morning, the sun streamed in the windows and turned on the coffeepot. His wife would read her Bible at the gray-speckled kitchen table. They ate meals together and laughed in the livingroom. At the end of the hallway, there was a closet that had toys in it. Books and puzzles lined its shelves. The grandkids would come to visit and play with the toys. 

They just loved their dream house. As the years went by, the man and his wife grew older and became more feeble. And one day, the man’s wife passed away. He mourned for her every day, and very soon, he also passed away. 
People moved in and out of the house over the years, and their children tried to keep the house up as much as possible. 

A few decades later, two people fell in love and wanted to get married. As their wedding day approached, they began to look for a place to live. They looked at one apartment and thought it was cozy, but the people who owned it never called them back to let them know they could rent it. They were very sad and started to worry that they wouldn’t find a house soon enough. One day, the girl’s grandpa mentioned that there was a house that would be for rent the week before the wedding. They fell in love with it right away. It was tiny, with only two small bedrooms and one bathroom with a pink toilet and bathtub, but the sunlight hit it at just the right spot in the mornings. It was just the right size for the newlyweds. They moved all their furniture in and began dreaming of making it a home and using it for God’s Kingdom. 

The wife especially loved to sit and read her Bible at the kitchen table, just like her great-grandma did. She hoped that her great-grandfather would be pleased with how they took care of the place. She also wished she could tell her great-grandparents how much they loved it.